Yes, and I’m glad you asked because there are a few important answers here:

  1. Moonlight is a boutique writing business in a niche market, so I currently only accept dance-studio related projects. (I’ll keep you updated if this changes.)
  2. I do not offer services for website design, graphic design, SEO management, blog publishing, social media publishing, or any other similar ancillary services. Just the words you need!
  3. The following topics are legally off-limits for me to write for you: crisis management, risk management, negative publicity, negative reviews, or similarly related subjects.
  4. It is my goal to work with people who share my business values, therefore, I cannot take on projects from studios that may be characterized as unsuitable for children, that negatively portray the dance industry, or that may rely on exaggerated claims. It would be unethical for me to accept projects and payments from studios that are in conflict with my conscience.

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