Finding your voice in words

For many studio owners I meet, speaking comes much more naturally than writing.  (Well, let’s be honest, dancing actually comes the most naturally!) Discovering your writing voice does not have to be difficult though, even if speaking feels more comfortable to you.  One simple tactic is to simply start writing the way you would speak,… Read more »

Read to write

Let’s say you want to become a better writer.  You know you should practice writing more (I can hear you saying “duh” right now, so hang with me here).  More ideas, more words, more often. But did you know you should also read more? Yep.  It’s true.  Scientific studies like this one show that the… Read more »

The serial comma

You’re probably familiar with the serial comma – also known as the Oxford comma – whether you realize it or not. It’s the comma that appears before a single conjunction when listing a series of items, like in this example from Strunk and White’s famous reference book, The Elements of Style: “He opened the letter,… Read more »

Why should I blog?

If you’re not blogging already, you should be!  Having a blog might just seem like extra work, but it’s well worth the effort.  Here are my top three reasons to have a blog on your studio’s website: Google loves blogs!  Consistently curating unique content for your blog means that Google “sees” your website in a… Read more »

Four common writing mistakes and how to fix them

We studio owners have a lot of writing to do; there’s no way around it!  From email correspondence to marketing materials, our words are all over the place.  Make sure your writing sounds and looks correct by avoiding these four common writing mistakes: Not writing the way you speak – What you write should sound… Read more »

What is a press release, and what should I do with it?

A press release is a short, one-page document that announces something new and meaningful about your studio, such as a school program partnership, a charitable outreach effort, a special event open to the public, or a business award you’ve achieved.   Press releases are a staple of the public relations world, and they help spread… Read more »