For many studio owners I meet, speaking comes much more naturally than writing.  (Well, let’s be honest, dancing actually comes the most naturally!)

Discovering your writing voice does not have to be difficult though, even if speaking feels more comfortable to you.  One simple tactic is to simply start writing the way you would speak, then read aloud what you’ve written: if it sounds forced or unnatural, don’t be afraid to start over.

Another tactic to try?  Have a close friend or family member read over what you’ve written, and ask if it sounds like you.  You’re writing should give people a sense of who you are – or what your business’s personality is like.

Make sure your grammar matches what you’re writing too.  If it’s an informal marketing piece for example, don’t worry about ending a sentence with a preposition.  If it’s an executive business plan for your bank, then focus on those formal grammar rules you remember from grade school so you can sound like a pro.

The most useful thing of all though is to practice, practice, practice.  Writing, just like dancing, needs to be fresh on your mind and “rehearsed” with plenty of practice.  Your writing voice will sound louder and clearer the more you use it and improve it!